Our personal fitness training studio is located in Millersville, just a few minutes from Severna Park, Pasadena MD and Severn.

We’re located off of Veterans Highway – down the street from Wawa – in the same shopping center as Christina Joseph Salon (BrightView Business Center II building).

Contact Info

Phone: 410-656-2121


8268 Veterans Highway #3
Millersville, MD 21108


Monday – Thurday:
Friday – Saturday:
*By appointment only
Directions from Pasadena, MD
  • Start out going north on Waterford Rd/MD-648 toward Pinewood Dr. (Then 0.62 miles)
  • Take the 3rd left onto Mountain Rd/MD-648/MD-177. (Then 1.18 miles)
  • Turn left onto Jumpers Hole Rd/MD-648/MD-270. (Then 1.17 miles)
  • Turn right onto Obrecht Rd. (Then 1.31 miles)
  • Obrecht Rd becomes Brightview Dr. Pass through 1 roundabout. (Then 0.46 miles)
  • Turn slight right to stay on Brightview Dr. (Then 0.58 miles)
  • Take the 3rd right onto Veterans Hwy/MD-178. (Then 0.02 miles)
  • 8268 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108
Directions from Severna Park, MD
  • Start out going northwest on Baltimore Annapolis Blvd/MD-648 toward Brandywine Ave. (Then 0.15 miles)
  • Turn left onto Evergreen Rd. (Then 0.80 miles)
  • Turn left onto Benfield Rd. (Then 2.85 miles)
  • Benfield Rd becomes Benfield Blvd. (Then 0.95 miles)
  • Turn right onto Veterans Hwy/MD-178. (Then 1.26 miles)
  • 8268 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108
Directions from Annapolis, MD
  • Start out going west on West St/MD-450 toward Cathedral St. (Then 0.01 miles)
  • Take the 1st right onto Calvert St. (Then 0.21 miles)
  • Turn left onto Rowe Blvd/MD-70. (Then 1.49 miles)
  • Merge onto US-50 W/US-301 S/John Hanson Hwy W via the ramp on the left toward Washington/I-97/Baltimore. (Then 2.19 miles)
  • Merge onto I-97 N via EXIT 21 toward Baltimore. (Then 7.63 miles)
  • Keep left to take I-97 N toward MD-3 N/Baltimore. (Then 2.74 miles)
  • Take the Veterans Hwy exit, EXIT 10, toward Benfield Blvd/Severna Park. (Then 0.33 miles)
  • Keep left to take the Veterans Hwy/Benfield Blvd ramp toward Severna Pk. (Then 0.03 miles)
  • Turn left onto Veterans Hwy/MD-178. (Then 1.40 miles)
  • 8268 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108
Directions from Bowie, MD
  • Start out going north on Evergreen Pkwy toward Emerald Ln. (Then 0.16 miles)
  • Turn right onto Collington Rd/MD-197. (Then 0.74 miles)
  • Turn slight left onto Crain Hwy/US-301 N. (Then 0.46 miles)
  • Stay straight to go onto MD-3/Crain Hwy. Continue to follow MD-3. (Then 10.03 miles)
  • Stay straight to go onto Veterans Hwy. (Then 3.02 miles)
  • 8268 Veterans Hwy, Millersville, MD 21108

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Repke Fitness personal training



Welcome to Repke Fitness, our premier private personal fitness training studio located in Millersville, MD. We take immense pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence in fitness training. At Repke Fitness, our team of dedicated elite personal trainers combines their expertise and passion to help you achieve your fitness goals. Serving clients from Severna Park, Severn, Pasadena, Arnold, Gambrills, Crownsville, and across Anne Arundel County, we are fully devoted to delivering top-tier personal fitness training. Embark on an unparalleled fitness journey tailored specifically to your needs, receiving the highest level of service and personalized care. Join us at Repke Fitness and witness your fitness aspirations transform into a remarkable reality.

About Us

Mon. - Thurs.
6am - 8pm
6am - 1pm
Sat & Sun.

8268 Veterans Hwy #3
Millersville, MD 21108



Mon. – Thurs.
6am – 8pm
Friday                                                                     6am – 1pm
Sat & Sun.