Personal Training

Personal Training (Private) 1 on 1

This type of session is for anyone who needs one-on-one attention. We start every client with a one-on-one session until we feel they are ready or capable of transitioning to a semi-private personal training session. If you require one-on-one sessions due to being too clumsy, out of shape, have too many physical limitations, or medical conditions, we will always ensure you receive individualized one-on-on training with our trainers. Our trainers determine which clients should remain in one-on-one sessions for all their appointments. Unlike other fitness facilities, we do not charge extra for clients who require private sessions. Our prices for one-on-one training sessions are the same as the prices for semi-private sessions. If you ever attended physical therapy that’s how they function, we operate in that similar way.

Personal Training (Semi-Private) 2 – 1

Your initial training session will be a one-on-one workout, and several sessions following this will typically remain one-on-one as well. This allows our personal trainers time to get to know you and understand your abilities.

Once we have become familiar with you, your subsequent sessions may be scheduled around the same time as one other client. What does that mean? During our busier times, there may be another client training at the same time as you. However, please note that you will not be doing the same workout as the other person. Each of you will have your own customized workout tailored by your trainer, and your schedule remains 100% independent of other clients. It’s more like sharing the trainer’s attention, but it’s not a “partner workout.”

We are fortunate to have wonderful clients who work alongside each other, so there’s no need to worry! When there is another client training at the same time as you, they often have similar goals. Since we’re not a gym, everyone in our facility is there for personal training. Therefore, you will never feel self-conscious at our private personal training studio.

Post-Physical Therapy Training

Starting a workout program after an injury can be intimidating. Unfortunately, working with a commercial gym trainer might not be in your best interest, as they often lack proper education and fail to provide safe workout programs. However, at Repke Fitness, we specialize in training individuals with injuries and medical conditions. We are here to help you transition from Physical Therapy (PT) to regular workouts in a safe manner, thanks to our highly qualified personal trainers. We work collaboratively with your Physical Therapist and other healthcare providers to ensure a holistic approach to your well-being.

Louben, our certified personal trainer, brings over 8 years of experience from one of the nation’s top physical therapy clinics. Additionally, he is a registered nurse who truly understands the challenges of working with injured patients. Our entire team of personal trainers has extensive experience in physical therapy settings, enabling them to assist you in achieving your fitness goals while considering any limitations or injuries you may have.

Rest assured that the Repke Fitness Team is committed to providing you with a safe and effective workout program that guarantees results, regardless of your condition. Your well-being is our top priority, and we are dedicated to helping you regain strength, mobility, and overall fitness in a supportive and knowledgeable environment.


If you’re still on the fence about training with us because of your injuries/limitations, then click the highlighted link to see what the experts have to say about us.

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