In an industry filled with empty promises and vague claims, Repke Fitness stands apart. We believe in providing concrete evidence of our clients’ success and hard work. While others may rely on endless paragraphs of “success stories,” we prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves.

At Repke Fitness, we proudly showcase the remarkable transformations achieved by our clients. These are not mere words on a website but real-life achievements captured in captivating images. Witness the incredible results for yourself as you browse through the inspiring before-and-after photos below. The visual evidence is a testament to the dedication, commitment, and transformative power of our fitness programs.

We believe that actions speak louder than words. Let our clients’ success stories and the endorsements of healthcare professionals inspire you to embark on your own transformative journey.


Greg, Repke Fitness client who lost 70 pounds and can now do 3 pull-ups

Greg – Lost 70 lbs.

Not only have I lost around 70 pounds, but I feel a lot stronger and now, I can do 3 pull-ups! Most importantly, according to my doctor, I’m very healthy now. For the best results, I encourage everyone to track their food. Repke Fitness will even help with a meal plan that works for you. Now you have accountability on your food intake, not just your workouts. So stop reading and schedule an appointment!

Here’s the link to Greg’s video interview


Nehdene, Repke Fitness client who lost 50 pounds

Nehdene – Lost 50 lbs.

Last year I challenged myself to lose 40 lbs. by my next birthday. Sara and Rob encouraged, challenged and believed in me. I had lost 28 pounds through Repke Fitness’ program by tracking my food and doing 2 personal training sessions per week. Words alone can’t express how grateful I am to have found this amazing personal training facility that has such a great team of trainers. Now, I’m happy to say I’ve surpassed my weight loss goal and I’m down over 4 dress sizes, lost over 7 inches around my stomach and I’ve lost 50 pounds.

Tim, Repke Fitness client who lost 80 pounds

Tim – Lost 80 lbs.

Tim is literally the ultimate client! He followed our guide to a “T” and with the help of his trainer, Sara, Tim was able to lose an astonishing 80 pounds over the course of 8 months.

Carla, Repke Fitness client who lost 80 pounds

Carla – Lost 80 lbs.

“My life has literally changed for the BEST as a result of working out with Louben Repke! I started working out with him last July and have to date lost [80] pounds and I’m still losing and building muscle!”

Steph, Repke Fitness client who lost 47 pounds

Steph – Lost 47 lbs.

“I’ve lost 6 inches around my belly and I’m down 47 pounds and headed for much more. More importantly, I have more energy, I am healthier and stronger. I highly recommend Repke Fitness to anyone, no matter what your goals are or your currently limitation/fitness level.”

Mary Z, Repke Fitness client who lost 40 pounds

Mary Z – Lost 40 lbs.

Mary Z. is one of our many hard working clients. Mary loves to be pushed, so every session we kick her butt. Mary’s dedication towards living a healthier lifestyle makes our job so much easier. Since starting her fitness journey with us, she’s down 40 pounds and has put on about 5 pounds of solid muscle as well.

Terri, Repke Fitness Personal Training client who lost 50 pounds

Terri – Lost 50 lbs.

Terri has made tremendous improvements in her eating. Her strength and endurance have improved drastically. We’re very proud of Terri’s hard work and her dedication to fitness. Terri is in her 60’s and has been kicking butt at Repke Fitness. She’s down 50 pounds, has put on some solid muscle while doing it. Keep up the good work, we’re very proud of you.

Jamie, Repke Fitness client who lost 35 pounds

Jamie – Lost 35 lbs.

Jamie is a Repke Fitness superstar! She always gives her workouts everything that she’s got! She is not only a mom of two, but she attends school, works, and somehow still finds time to get her butt kicked at Repke Fitness twice a week. Since Jamie started training with us, she has lost 4 pants sizes, 35 lbs and she has lost an astonishing 10% body fat.

Anonymous Client, Repke Fitness client who lost 55 pounds and 10% body fat

Lost 55 lbs.

This client came to Repke Fitness after his co-worker recommended it. He is a very hard worker and when it comes to following our nutritional guidance, he is one of our easier clients. Thank you for choosing Repke Fitness and we look forward to helping you lose the last 25 lbs – so you can reach your weight goal of 80 lbs.

Larry, Repke Fitness client who lost 45 pounds

Larry – Lost 45 lbs.

Larry is highly motivated and loves to be pushed to his limit. Larry makes our job easy because he has the motivation in him already and is very disciplined. Every personal training session, Larry gives it all that he got. Since Larry started his personal training program at Repke Fitness, he has lost a whopping 45 lbs. while also putting on some solid muscle. We’re very impressed with Larry’s work ethic.

Christina, Repke Fitness client who lost 2 dress sizes

Christina – Lost 3 Dress Sizes

I came to Repke Fitness in late January 2018 after feeling sluggish and overweight for far too many years. While the weight and inches I’ve lost are significant (I’ve lost 3 dress sizes), the most exciting thing is how I feel: energized, more confident, and stronger than when I started this journey. This isn’t a gym, this is an environment where folks from all activity/fitness levels feel comfortable with absolutely no judgement. I LOVE REPKE FITNESS!

Ashley, Repke Fitness client who lost 30 pounds

Ashley – Lost 30 lbs.

After leaving the military I gained over 35 lbs and had a very hard time getting my exercise and eating habits back on track, I wanted to lose weight, but couldn’t find the motivation to do it on my own. Thanks to the guidance and support of the Repke Fitness, I have lost 30 lbs and I feel great! Repke Fitness is different, it’s they are really SUPPORTIVE and have an INVITING atmosphere. I’ve been with Repke Fitness for over a year now and I can’t imagine ever training anywhere else!

Dawn, Repke Fitness client who lost 20 pounds

Dawn – Lost 20 LBS.

Repke Fitness has changed my life. I had tried everything to get back in shape after years of inactivity but nothing seemed to be working. Finally, I agreed to try Sara’s food plan (she can be as stubborn as me) and the rest is history. This is NOT a diet, this is a life change. Now, between the great (and fun) workouts by Rob, Sara, and Louben and following the whole food, plant-based food plan (which now is normal for me), Now, I’ve lost 20 pounds and eating healthier more consistently and plan on never looking back, thank you Repke Fitness for believing in me.

David, Repke Fitness Personal Training Client

DAVID – Lost 35 LBS.

David is a very impressive client as you can see from his pictures. We don’t have any pictures of David when he was at his heaviest weight but man, he has come a long way. When David first started his fitness journey, he weighed roughly 238 pounds and was just not living a healthy lifestyle. Since he started his fitness journey with us he has really made a huge change in his lifestyle. David now weighs about 175 pounds and he’s keeping the weight off and is still training with us. Since losing the weight, David cut back from training with us thee times per week to just one time per week. Now, he works out on his own about 3 days per week (without us even telling him). He has adapted a new lifestyle and eats healthy. In addition to his massive weight loss, David has added a great amount of muscle mass and strength. David can squat almost twice his body weight and bench press more than 1.5x his body weight. We’re super proud of David and the person he has chosen to become.

Katie aka Giggles

My husband and I have been working out with Louben for almost 3 years now. We have a daughter with CP in a wheelchair who needs to be lifted quite a bit. We had just turned 50 and started noticing it was getting harder and harder to lift our daughter. We started working out together and our daughter would watch tv while waiting for us to finish. One day Louben decided to see what she could do, now the 3 of us work out together. She is very proud of what she has accomplished and loves to tell everyone she can do bicep curls with 6 lb. weights. It is very noticeable how much stronger she has become. He is a great motivator – you just want to work hard for him. He is very intuitive and just seems to know how much to push. Our son saw how much we enjoy our sessions and started noticing the changes in us, so he decided to workout with Louben as well. It is amazing how much stronger we are and how good we feel. We all look forward to our workouts and I never thought I would say that about exercising.
-Parry Family

Husband and wife weight loss
The couple who works out together, stays together.

Shane is down 55 pounds since he and his wife (Lauren – client below) started training with us at Repke Fitness. Shane is a hard worker and is doing an exceptional job following our fitness and the nutritional program which we have laid out for him. We’re excited to have Shane as a client and look forward to helping him drop some more weight. More importantly, we want to help him live a healthier lifestyle.

Not only has Lauren lost 30 pounds since she and her husband (Shane) started training with us at Repke Fitness, but SHE CAN NOW DO A PULL-UP ALL BY HERSELF! She has done a phenomenal job with both her workouts and changing her eating habits for the better. We love having Shane and Lauren as clients. They are fun to train and truly belong together. They are constantly motivating each other, joking and having fun, all while getting their butts kicked during their workouts. Lauren has achieved her weight-loss goal of 30 lbs. She is now working on doing a handstand push-up, as well as several pull-ups by herself! As you can see from their results, they’re hard workers and we love having them as clients!

Mr. Roy, Repke Fitness Client only 78 years young

Meet Mr. Roy who gets RESULTS and has NO EXCUSES!

Mr. Roy has lost over 15 pounds and has increased his strength and endurance significantly. Mr. Roy is a true inspiration to everyone at Repke Fitness.

What makes his story even more amazing is that he doesn’t make EXCUSES. People always say, “Oh, I’m too old.” But Mr. Roy is NOT a complainer. He’s just a hard worker! Did I mention he’s 78-years-old and kicking ass!


He’s a Repke Fitness SuperStar!

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