6 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

6 Easy Ways to Fit Exercise Into Your Busy Life

Everyone knows that exercise should be a regular part of our lives, but so many of us are overwhelmed by packed schedules and excessive obligations. In our fast-paced world, exercise is often the first thing on the to-do list to be dismissed. The last thing you should sacrifice is your health. If you make exercise a priority, you will have more energy to power through the busiest of days. It’s time to kick your excuses to the curb and start moving.

Louben Repke is a Personal Trainer, Registered Nurse, and owner of Repke Fitness in Millersville, Maryland. Repke’s slogan is, “Be my client now or my patient later.” Before that happens, make time now to take care of yourself with daily exercise. Here are six ways you can fit exercise into your busy life.

Excuse #1

I don’t have time to work out.
Many adults believe in getting a workout out of the way, early in the morning. This works well for some, but if you are not a morning person, an alarm blaring at 5 AM isn’t going to work for you.


Repke says, “The best time to work out is when you are actually going to do it.” Experiment with routines and schedules to see what works best for you. You may find a mid-afternoon run provides the energy boost you need to get through the remainder of the day. Others may find an evening workout to be cathartic after a stressful day. If you do want to make an early workout happen, go to sleep the night before in your workout clothes. It will be hard to talk yourself out of a workout when you’re already dressed for the occasion.

Excuse #2

I have to choose fitness or friends.
You don’t have to sacrifice your social life for exercise. Make your time with family and friends a time for fitness too!


Instead of choosing between socializing or exercise, make active plans to connect with others. Take your family out for a bike ride after dinner. If you have children, you will be modeling healthy habits for them to emulate. They will grow up prioritizing fitness, while accepting it as a fun part of their lives. Plan a heart-healthy happy hour of tennis with friends instead of a goal-crushing hour of cheap, fried appetizers.

Excuse #3

I work long hours.
After taking time to get ready for your job, commute, and then put in a full day of work, it seems like there is hardly a moment to spare for yourself. Those moments can be found, if you’re creative.


Use any opportunity to move at the office as an opportunity to find time for exercise. Choose a

parking spot as far from your building as possible. If you can eat your lunch at your desk while you work, use your lunch break to go for a walk or run. Find an empty conference room and get some lunges or push-ups in. Print your documents on the farthest printer possible to increase your daily steps. Add stairs if possible.

Excuse #4

I don’t have large chunks of time to complete a routine.
You don’t have to get it all in at once. Remember. Do what you can, when you can.


Spread your exercise throughout the day. Wake up with a ten minute yoga routine to get your body ready for the day. Do a series of push ups before getting dressed. Work on your glutes and thighs with squats while you’re making doctor’s appointments on the phone. Make standing appointments in your calendar for regular exercise. On days when those appointments are not possible, implement as many extra movements as you can.

Excuse #5

I want to Netflix and Chill.
It’s okay to stay caught up on your favorite shows, but who says you have to watch them from the sofa?


Making time for Orange is the new Black is a legitimate priority. Keep workout equipment near the remote to indulge in fitness and pop culture at the same time. Eventually, the two past times will blend as inseparable entities and you will look forward to your next sweaty session in front of the tube.

Excuse #6

“I’ve wasted money on a gym membership that I’ve never used!”
Find someone who will hold you accountable.


Instead of getting a gym membership that you won’t use, hire a personal trainer. Statistics show that 72% of gym memberships are not used regularly. Get your money’s worth with a personal trainer. When you have a scheduled session and appointment with your trainer, you will more likely attend.

You can even hire a personal trainer who will come to your home. If you are looking for a personal trainer in the Pasadena area, Repke Fitness is the way to go. They’ll help you with weight loss and building muscle. If you have aches and pain, they specialize in training clients with injuries.

Once exercise becomes a part of your daily life, you will wonder how you ever managed without your new sense of energy and strength. If you are ready for a total reboot, call the studio today at (410) 656-2121 to schedule a FREE training session with one of the trainers at Repke Fitness.

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