Covid-19 Re-Opening

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has certainly changed life and challenged us all in many different ways.

It has forced us to adapt and find creative ways to train and continue to stay in touch with our clientele via virtual and online training.

Although it’s been nice to still be able to connect and help our clientele every way we can, it’s safe to say we’re missing everyone and their presence and can’t wait to train in person!

That being said, we will officially be re-opening on Monday, May 18th. As we begin the process of re-opening our doors, we want to ensure you that your safety and health is our number one priority.

Here are some steps we will be taking to ensure we are able to offer you a safe and effective experience at Repke Fitness:

2 Clients in Each Studio Max at a Time

In order to control the amount of people in the studio at once, we will be limiting 2 clients per studio. So, the maximum number of people we will have in the building at once is 6 people.

Proper Spacing for Warm-up Equipment

In the case we have 2 clients warming up at the same time, we will be removing/out of service some of our warm-up equipment (nusteps) in order to follow social distancing guidelines.

Deep Clean

Before we welcome everyone back, we will be conducting a deep clean of the studio to ensure everything is properly wiped down and sanitized. That includes all surfaces, equipment, doors, and bathrooms.

Family Members/Same Household

We will be trying out best to ensure we schedule family and same household members together when training at the studio.

Doors Open

Both studio doors will be left open at all times to allow proper ventilation and in order to ensure no one needs to touch the doors to enter the building. You simply walk right in!

Clean/Dirty Pen Holders

One of the most touched objects is pens, as we consistently have clients signing in/out. In order to ensure all pens are properly sanitized at all times, we will have both a clean and dirty pen holder to separate the two.

Hand Sensitization

Upon entering the studio, we require that ALL clients sanitize their hands. This is the FIRST thing each and every person entering the studio will do, both clients and trainers. The sanitizer is now located directly at the front door when you enter.


Although gloves are optional, we will have gloves available for anyone who wishes to wear them during their session. Gloves MUST be taken off before leaving the studio and we require that you again sanitize/wash your hands at the conclusion of your session.

Bring Your Own Water Bottle

Due to the high activity at the water station, we ask that everyone now bring their own water bottle with enough water to last them the session. This will limit everyone from touching the water station.

As we all brace for this new normal, we will be continually emphasizing and adapting to ensure we provide each and every single client a safe environment to continue their health and fitness journey.