Don’t Burn Your Money On Fat Burning Pills

Don’t Burn Your Money On Fat Burning Pills

If you spend any time reading articles about fitness, you’ve probably stumbled upon advertisements for fat burners. You know the ones. They promise a new body in 30 days if you just take a magic little pill. Most of the time, these bottles come with a little pamphlet that instructs you to do some things to “help” the pills work, like drink a lot of water, eat sensibly, and exercise. News flash: if you do those things, you don’t need the pills!

Fat burning pills claim to raise your metabolism and help you obliterate fat cells with minimal effort. The truth is you will not lose weight if you do not change your diet and exercise. Fat burning pills offer a stimulant effect that helps move fat into the blood stream, but if you are not working out and using that fat as energy, the fat will be stored again.

While fat burners may help suppress your appetite, it’s simply not worth the risk of common side effects. Fat burners are known to cause liver damage and possible heart issues. Additional side effects include: Anxiety, Insomnia, Elevated Blood Pressure, Worsened Mental Condition, Dehydration, DEATH. YES, these things can even cause death, so is it really worth the risk? It’s most definitely not worth taking those over the counter and unregulated “fat burners.” Working out for a nice looking body is a normal goal, but we all really want to be stronger and healthier. Losing weight with short cuts like fat burners may help you appear healthier, but your vital organs tell the real story about your health.

This Livestrong article shows some of the most effective ingredients in fat burners. Instead of paying a lot of money for these overpriced pills, supplement your own diet with green tea or a little burst of caffeine in a morning cup of joe to help facilitate your weight loss goals without risking damage to your one and only liver and heart. If you are going to try to find fat burners then try the natural way like this Livestrong article shows.

At Repke Fitness, your trainer will work with you to reach your goals without selling you pricey, unnecessary supplements or products. The only things you need to achieve your goals are a healthy eating plan and a commitment to exercise. Louben Repke and his training staff will motivate you to stay on track, challenge you with new routines, and guide you with personalized eating tips based on the food diaries that you track and share. We believe that you do NOT need those so called “fat burners.” People have been losing weight for centuries without that crap, so why do you need them now? You don’t! So stick to drinking lots of water, eating smaller portions, healthier foods and the weight will come off.

Millersville and Severna Park residents who are ready to get fit, call Repke Fitness Personal Training today to schedule your consultation. 410-656-2121. We’re also a convenient location for clients looking for personal training in Gambrills 

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