Morning or Night? When is the Best Time to Workout?

Morning or Night? When is the Best Time to Workout?

What time is the best time to work out? The answer depends on who you ask. Early risers and parents with young children will likely tell you that getting a morning workout is the best. People who wake up easily in the morning enjoy getting their workout out of the way so they can feel accomplished the whole day through, while parents with young children relish the me-time before the kids wake up. Working out in the morning sets a healthy tone for the day that may lead to better nutritional choices to avoid negating or sabotaging the hard work already put in. The Journal Physiology published a study showing that working out in the morning, in a “fasted state” burns more fat than an afternoon or evening workout.

Should night owls give up in the fight for best time to workout? Not necessarily. As the day goes on, bodies are more flexible after hours of movement and “warming up.” With more flexibility, there is less chance of injury. Your strength and endurance are at their peak in the afternoon, so if you are trying to beat personal records, the true test comes in the PM.

If you were to ask Repke Fitness owner Louben Repke what the best time to workout is, he would say, whenever you are likely to actually do it. Louben understands that his clients have different reasons for choosing the time of their workout. Work schedules, family and friend obligations, and personal preferences all factor in to when a person is likely to workout. Some clients have morning and afternoon sessions because they are committed to fitting their wellness into their schedules. Whether you are making an appointment at the studio or planning your workouts for home, it is a great idea to schedule it in. It may seem silly to write an exercise appointment in your planner, but it is easy to fill that time with other demands in life. Even if you are planning to go for a run in your neighborhood or do some strength training in front of your television, making an appointment turns your workout into a priority and a commitment.

If you are a person who thrives on routine, do your best to stay on schedule. Any disruption in routine can throw your week off and it’s hard to get back on track. Forgive yourself if you miss a workout, but don’t throw in the towel for the next. If your schedule allows, make up a missed workout in the evening. It may not be your preference, but you will be glad that you made time for yourself.

Call Repke Fitness at 410-656-2121 to schedule your FREE initial consultation, morning, noon, or evening. Repke Fitness trains clients from 6am until 8pm, so can choose which time is best for you.

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