Lauren – Repke Fitness Personal Training Client of the Week

Lauren – Repke Fitness Personal Training Client of the Week

About Lauren…

“I am 30-years-old and have lived in Anne Arundel County all my life. I work at a desk job that deals with our natural environment – something that I’m really passionate about. I am very active at my church; I teach Sunday school, assist with worship, and I’m on the outreach ministry team. I also speak French.”

Why did you start training at Repke Fitness or what made you choose Repke Fitness Personal Training?

Six months after my husband and I got married, we started at Repke Fitness Personal Training in Millersville to develop good habits, lose weight, and to get in-shape together. We were looking for something more personal and motivational than a gym membership; we had access to a gym but were not using it and did not get results from our self-lead workouts. We really needed to change how we were eating and our level of physical activity so we could decrease our weight to have healthier bodies. Having just gotten married and moved in together, we wanted to focus on setting up healthy habits for the rest of our lives.

Shane (husband) lost 55 pounds and Lauren has lost 30 pounds.

When did you start training at Repke Fitness?

My husband and I started our personal training program at Repke Fitness in March 2015.

What has personal training allowed you to do OR what fitness goals have you accomplished?

For me personally, since training at Repke Fitness, I have lost about 30 pounds, and I’m excited to say that I can also do a ALL PULL UP ALL BY MYSELF! I couldn’t do a pull-up before, so it’s a pretty major accomplishment for me, learning how to do a pull-up. After a few months of getting my first pull-up by myself, I’m now able to do TWO of them without taking a break. I keep getting stronger and stronger – I love it!

Personal training has not only increased my strength but also my confidence. I have really cool muscles! It has allowed me to do more things, more easily. Since starting our workouts (my husband Shane & I) at Repke Fitness, we’ve taken several big trips (Paris, Hawaii, Florida), which involved a lot of physical activity. The stamina we’ve acquired through training at Repke Fitness has made these trips very enjoyable.

What do you like best about Repke Fitness Personal Training?

The best part about Repke Fitness is that they are always rewarding you for your hard work, and the workouts are always different. They have three full-time personal trainers (Louben, Sara and Rob) that are all fun to work with, and all three have different kinds of exercises they lead you through. Even if you have been working with one trainer in particular, every workout is different. Louben, Sara and Rob are really supportive, and they encourage you to reach your goals; they don’t shame you when you make a mistake, and they don’t focus on the superficial (like weight as a number, or trying to change the way you look). They truly care about your health and not commercial ‘beauty’ standards. The people who come to Repke are the same way, and together the clients and trainers have very positive relationships. I love the environment at Repke Fitness; it’s clean, private and friendly.

What’s your favorite exercise?

My favorite exercise is one where I can feel I’m testing my limits and getting stronger or more agile! Sometimes that is lifting weights, doing pull-ups, or sometimes it’s just when a trainer makes a comment that makes me feel like I am exceeding expectations performing a certain exercise!

What’s your least favorite exercise?

I’m not sure that I have a ‘least favorite’ exercise.

Did you have injuries or limitations prior to working out with Repke Fitness and were the trainers able to work around those injuries/limitations?

I came to Repke Fitness with previous injuries/conditions – some of which I wasn’t really aware of until I started actually testing and using my body! The great thing about the trainers is that they were able to identify those issues, check-in with me about them regularly (both at the start of a session and during exercises that might affect that body part), and help me get stronger and better despite the injuries. Learning how to correctly work around some of these injuries has left me with a better understanding of my limits and how to do things without injuring myself.

What’s your favorite phrase to use with your trainers?

“Thank you!” The personal trainers at Repke Fitness really provide a quality workout, so even when – actually, ESPECIALLY when – it has been a challenging workout, I say, “Thank you!”

Would you recommend Repke Fitness Personal Training to other people?

Absolutely, I’d recommend Repke Fitness Personal Training to anyone in the Millersville, Severn, Severna Park area. Although, we have closer fitness facilities where we live in Linthicum – we choose to train at Repke Fitness. Best Personal Trainers and training studio in Linthicum and surrounding areas.

From Louben: Lauren and Shane were meant for each other. They are a great loving couple who like to have fun. They’re silly and filled with personality. They are each other’s biggest fan but also love to compete against one another. We love having them as clients and we’re glad that they chose Repke Fitness.

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