Are You Physically Prepared For An Emergency?

Are You Physically Prepared For An Emergency?

Are You Physically Prepared For An Emergency?

When Louben Repke used to teach Physical Conditioning for Law Enforcement and Firefighters at Anne Arundel Community College, he used to ask his police officers and Firefighters a very important question. “If you needed to be rescued would you want someone like yourself to come rescue you?” Being in good shape is important for law enforcement and rescue personnels but is it beneficial for the average person to be in good shape too?

While watching the terrifying and heartbreaking coverage of Hurricane Harvey, I was struck by the physical strength involved in surviving an emergency situation. Rescue workers must be strong, flexible, and have the endurance to push themselves for hours on end. Able-bodied citizens in the Houston area are helping as well as scores of volunteers from all over the country.

(From Love What Matters Facebook page: A group of men save 21 dogs in Houston from Hurricane Harvey flooding.)

[See more photos of rescue workers, evacuees, and citizens turned heroes on this ABC slideshow]

While we thank the heroes who risk their own lives to save others, I wonder how many people consider their physical fitness to be a part of emergency preparedness? If your house is flooded, would you be able to carry your child out, walk back into the home, locate the family dog and guide her to safety? Could you rescue your elderly neighbor from her home? We have emergency services with men and women who are prepared to do this for us, but no one should take their bodies and abilities for granted. If you have the ability to make your body as strong, flexible, and USEFUL as possible, you owe it to yourself and those you love, to take advantage of that ability. Strength looks good, but strength in action to help others is truly beautiful.

How prepared are you in the event of an emergency? Marylanders may remember this frightening car accident on the Bay Bridge in the summer of 2013. 22 year old Morgan Lake was driving on the bridge when a tractor trailer struck her from behind and sent her car plummeting into the Chesapeake Bay. As her car filled with water, Lake escaped from the vehicle and swam to safety. Described by her mother as athletic, Lake was able to save her own life thanks to her ability to swim and her remarkable endurance.

Would you be able to save yourself? Would you be able to carry your child or your mother to safety? As we watch this natural disaster devastate Houston, let’s make a checklist of things we can do to make a difference in Texas and in our own lives.

1. Take care of yourself first. Have you ever noticed that flight attendants tell parents to put their own oxygen masks on before tending to children? You can’t help others if you are not okay. Listen to your body. It is always telling you what it needs. (Exercise. Nutrition. Love. Appreciation.)

2. Get in shape and stay in shape. In addition to looking super hot in your jeans, you will never appreciate your body’s strength more than when it helps you through an emergency situation.

3. Help others however you are able. If we are clobbered with a few feet of snow this winter, check on your elderly neighbors. If you have the strength to spare, shovel their walkway so they don’t risk slipping on ice. Your body is capable, so use it wisely with generosity.

4. Finally, if you have the means to help others, do so. It is good for your heart, your morale, and humanity. Here is a list of resources to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey, from NPR.

If you are ready to be the superhero of your own life, it’s time to call Repke Fitness at 410-656-2121. Your body is capable of more than you can imagine. Fuel your body with good nutrition and let the trainers at Repke Fitness challenge your body with strength and endurance tests that will help you help yourself and others in the event of an emergency. Let us all take care of ourselves so we are able to take care of each other.

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