Mary – Repke Fitness Personal Training Client of the Week

Mary – Repke Fitness Personal Training Client of the Week


Hello, my name is Mary and majority of my life, I struggled with being overweight. All throughout grade school I was overweight, in high school, I was my heaviest. When I graduated high school in 2010, I moved back to Maryland from Delaware, I got a job which required a lot of physical activity, which helped me lose about 30 lbs in about 1 year. I was able to keep that 30 lbs off for about 2 years. Until I got accepted into Anne Arundel Community College’s Radiologic Technology Program and gained 40 lbs in a span of 2 years (the program’s length). I was not active at all during the program and I stress ate all the time (AACC’s program is pretty rigorous). Needless to say, I made it out alive in 2015 and now I am a Certified Radiologic Technologist and love my job! Earning my degree though came at a cost, I had put getting healthier on the back burner.

Why did you start at Repke Fitness or what made you choose to train at Repke Fitness?

After getting out of X-Ray school, I knew I had put on a good amount of weight. I struggled with trying to lose the weight on my own and I just could not find the motivation to lose the weight. One day, I was at the doctors and they told me that I had gained a significant amount of weight since my previous check-up. They asked me what I was going to do about it – talk about being straightforward, right? I remembered going to X-Ray school with a girl who trained with Louben while we were in the program and he also donated free personal training sessions as one of the prizes – to one of our fundraisers. So that’s how I remembered the name of the business. After reading their fantastic online reviews, I decided to check it out.

I came in for a free session in October of 2015 to see what it was all about. I didn’t start right away but when I started in April 2016, I knew that I was hooked! Every workout was a tough one and 9 out of 10 times, I was sore, which I love (I love being pushed hard). Don’t worry, they take it easy on people who don’t want to be pushed as hard, so fear not. haha. Repke Fitness has helped me make fitness a priority. They are super helpful with working around your schedule – I workout twice a week with them consistently. I have no excuses to skip workouts because they always accommodate my crazy schedule.

What year did you start personal training at Repke Fitness?

I started my fitness program at Repke Fitness Personal Training in April 2016.

What has personal training allowed you to do OR what fitness goals have you accomplished by training with Repke Fitness?

Repke Fitness has helped me lose the 40 lbs that I had gained prior to entering the Radiologic Technologist Program. It was my main goal to lose that weight and I’m very pleased with my results. I have much better muscle tone and love feeling strong. Another thing that I have noticed since working out at Repke fitness is how much easier exercises are becoming. I remember when I first started working out, I couldn’t get the rhythm down of a burpee. The squatting and then jumping back and then forward again – always threw me for a loop. Now, I can do them without having to think about how to do it. It’s second nature and now that I’m physically stronger, I can do them with ease.

What do you like most about Repke Fitness?

I LOVE the trainers! They really make working out super fun and the atmosphere is always inviting! At Repke Fitness, they never make you feel out of place. Other gyms sometimes make you feel unwanted, not at Repke Fitness – Repke Fitness makes you feel special. Repke Fitness is welcoming and has a private environment that anyone can feel comfortable in. They celebrate your successful moments along with helping you through the down times. I remember one time, I weighed in and went up a few pounds – I was disappointed. Sara (one of their trainers) said, “it’s ok, put it like this, it’s just like if you drop your phone and it breaks a little, do you keep dropping your phone and breaking it more or pick it up and keep going.” So it’s the little encouraging words and the way they approach weight loss. They don’t shame you when you make a mistake, they lift you up.

What’s your favorite exercise?

I love to jump rope! I never jump the same way, usually, it’s between if I’m going to do one jump per rotation or double jump per rotation. Or I switch it up, putting my left leg forward per rotation or both legs at the same time. It’s never the same way “it’s a mental thing.” lol

What is your least favorite exercise?

This is easy, a BURPEE! Sometimes the trainers try to trick you by modifying a burpee and they try to call it something else (haha). Not a burpee fan but they’re effective!

Did you have any injuries PRIOR to working out with Repke Fitness? Were the trainers able to work around them?

Luckily for me, I didn’t have any injuries prior to training at Repke Fitness. I see their trainers training and working with clients who have injuries though.

What is your favorite phrase to use with your trainer?

I use a few sayings while working out with my trainers: (with large eyes) “Ooookkkkk (insert trainers name)”, or “it’s ok it’s just a mental thing right now”, usually they ask me how I’m doing and my reply is “I’m still alive!”

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