How To Pick A Great Personal Trainer

How To Pick A Great Personal Trainer

If you live in the Severn, Pasadena or Severna Park area, you might wonder, what should I look for in a great personal trainer? If you are ready to invest in your health, it is so important to find the right personal trainer for you. Below are some essential qualities to look for in a personal trainer.


A personal trainer needs to be properly trained to provide you with safe and effective training. You need a trainer who can guide you through new routines and teach you proper form to prevent injuries. So make sure that your trainer has the proper education and/or degrees in the health & fitness field. If you are in the Severna Park & Millersville area, you can find some excellent personal trainers at Repke Fitness. Rob has experience working in a physical therapy clinic and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology. Sara has experience working with clients who battling with obesity, as well as eating disorders. Louben Repke is the head personal trainer at Repke Fitness. He’s also a licensed registered nurse and has a background training/working in a physical therapy clinic. Louben specializes in training clients who have injuries/medical conditions. Repke Fitness’ trainers will be able to help you create a safe and effective work out program, no matter what your fitness level or condition. ALl their trainers have an in-depth understanding of the human anatomy & physiology.


Finding the right personality is very important for a successful trainer-client relationship. Consider your own personality first to determine the type of person who you would work best with. Some people are competitive and thrive on challenges, while others prefer a more supportive, non-confrontational approach. If you do not feel motivated or encouraged by your trainer, perhaps s/he is just not the right one for you. At Repke Fitness, there are four trainers who you can get to know to see who would be the best fit for you.


The key to any successful relationship is good communication. Life is crazy busy for most of us, so it is important for you to have a good rapport with your trainer. Knowing what is expected of you during studio time and during days when you’re on your own is only possible if you and your trainer are able to communicate with one another. Your trainer needs to listen to the obstacles that you face so s/he can provide guidance that will help you with your unique situation. You need to understand that your trainer is providing you with the best advice they can to help you achieve your goals. Understanding each other is imperative. Repke Fitness stays in contact with their clients daily. They keep a tab on their clients food logs, give them feedback on their eating, as well as give them homework to do on non-training days. Your fitness goals are very important to them! Louben says, “our clients are a representation of us and our Repke Fitness brand. So we will do everything to help them become successful.”


Training with a personal trainer can be a scary experience for some. Clients need to disclose a lot of personal information. Telling someone that you just met about your physical and personal pain that led you to seek help takes a lot of courage. Knowing that you are going to a trainer with client testimonials vouching for the trainer’s empathy will give you the bravery that you need to take the first step. Repke Fitness has an outstanding reputation for caring about the clients that they serve.

Find a personal trainer who trains full-time! Why is this important? You wouldn’t go to a doctor who’s a part time plumber, night time bartender and fixes roofs during the weekends, right? Get a trainer who’s passion and livelihood is personal training. This is a sign that s/he truly love what they do, they are a master of their trade and care for their clients/work. The good-news: Repke Fitness only has full time trainers, three of them. They have a wide range of experience and their own unique training style. However, they share one common goal, to make sure that you’re successful. Give Louben, Sara or Rob a call to schedule your FREE initial training session. They will sit down with you, discuss your goals then create a safe, fun and effective workout for you. Give them a call TODAY at 410-656-2121.

We’re also a perfect location for clients looking for personal training in Crownsville.


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