11 Tips To Reduce Stress

11 Tips To Reduce Stress

Happy Holidays! Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is coming fast, and the new year will be here soon. The holidays are a time to spend with family and friends and to just have fun. Unfortunately, that fun can be interrupted by an uninvited guest, called stress. Stress happens for a variety of reasons and can result in changes in mood, behavior, and also physical effects that can rob us of our holiday cheer. Some of the signs and symptoms of stress are headaches, nausea, fatigue, and insomnia. According to Mayo Clinic, stress can affect your mood by making you feel anxious, irritable, angry, unfocused, and unmotivated. Stress can also lead to unhealthy lifestyle choices such as overeating, not eating, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and physical abuse. With so much going on in our lives, how do we relieve ourselves of this unwelcome intruder? Read our 11 tips and tricks below to help you reduce and manage stress.

1. Take A Breath

When we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off and trying to do everything at once, we can forget to slow down and take a little time for ourselves. Taking just a 10 to 15-minute break to disconnect from your phone and electronics can help you to relax and refocus on what you need to do. It allows your body to catch up with your mind. Going non-stop and never taking a break can rapidly deplete your energy. Taking time for yourself can make you feel like a brand new person. So take a breath and find a few minutes for yourself to just disconnect and free your mind.

2. Take a hot shower or bath

Nothing is more soothing than taking a nice hot shower. Just the feeling of hot water running over you can help alleviate some stress. Soaking in a hot bath is just as beneficial. There’s just something about your body in water that feels refreshing; it revitalizes you, allowing you to recharge and get ready for whatever comes next.

3. Listen to music

Everyone has their favorite songs and playlists. The music we listen to that helps us relax, get pumped, and makes us feel like we are ready to do anything. I find listening to my favorite songs, while out and about, allows me to enjoy myself more by rocking out to my jams. Music is said to soothe the savage beast and stress is definitely one of those! What better way to beat stress down than to turn up a beat? Listen to this YouTube playlist to help you relax: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ju86mknumYM

4. Prioritize

Often times while we are running around trying to do too much at once. It can become a jumbled mess. Prioritizing your to-do list will allow you to focus on the most important and crucial things you need to get done. Our holiday fun usually adds to the millions of other things we need to do; we begin to feel rushed, so we charge full speed ahead in nonstop fashion… by the end we are practically lifeless. Taking a moment to figure out the most important things that need to be done, while putting unimportant tasks aside, will help you reduce some stress. By prioritizing your to-do list it will allow you the chance to relax and enjoy this time of year with family and friends.

5. Make a schedule

Life can be chaotic and we sometimes have trouble knowing which direction we are going. What should I do first? When should I do this? Do I have time to get this done? The uncertainty can overwhelm us and cause us much stress. The easiest way to eliminate that is to make yourself a schedule. Decide what you want to get done and focus just on that. Make sure to leave time for yourself and don’t overload your day. As mentioned above, you can split up your to-do list and get it done in plenty of time to avoid the unwanted stress that comes with all the holiday chaos.

6. Don’t procrastinate

Not procrastinating is probably one of the easiest ways to reduce your stress levels. We know the classic “last minute shopper” gimmick – waiting until the very last moment to try to get everything done. But finishing things before crunch time will allow you to relax and enjoy time with family and friends. When you wait until the last minute, you feel more rushed, agitated, angry, sad, frustrated and just have a general feeling of hopelessness. Why do that to yourself?

7. Get help from friends and/or family

It can be hard finding time to get everything done – especially if no one can help you out. You can feel lost, overwhelmed, and frantic trying to get things accomplished. However, delegating responsibilities amongst family members and friends can be a simple way to remove stress because many hands make light work. Helping each other out will also bring you closer together this holiday season.

8. Take a walk/Go for a run

Much like soaking up some suds, going for a run or walk is a good way to forget about all your worries. It allows you time to think and refresh your mind to finish off what needs to be done. It’s also a good way to keep off some of those extra holiday pound that seem to find you every year. Getting out to enjoy nature and the beautiful weather can help ease your mind and help you to appreciate the simplicity that life truly can be when you are free from worry and stress.

9. Hire a Personal Fitness Trainer

If you are having problems getting motivated, the trainers at Repke Fitness are always available to get you going! Repke Fitness is located in Millersville, MD and services Severn, Severna Park, Pasadena and the surrounding area. Their phenomenal personal trainers will help you forget all about your problems, work-up a sweat and release some endorphins. Exercise is considered to be one of the top stress relievers.

10. Try shopping online

If your stress is a result of having to face the unruly crowds that are trying to kill each other to get the latest and newest gadget or hot item, then shopping online might be right for you. Buying gifts online is an easy and convenient way to get everything you need without having to deal with huge crowds and long lines. Shopping from the comfort of your own home can easily make you feel relaxed; you don’t have to deal with long lines, and crowded parking lots and honking horns to add to your stress. Give online retail therapy a try but avoid buying unnecessary items – this can lead to stress if you get a gigantic bill you can’t afford. Stick to buying only what you or someone special will actually use and love.

11. Get Some Sleep

Sleeping is probably the most important aspect of de-stressing. When you are tired and fatigued, you tend to move and think slower, and just generally feel like doing nothing at all. Motivation becomes nonexistent and your body feels as though it’s going to fall apart. Getting rest allows your body to refresh itself and replenish your energy so you can continue to get things done. A good night’s sleep can be the difference between a productive day and an unproductive one.

It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all stress from your life. A little bit of stress is completely normal but the key is to learn to manage and reduce it. Hopefully, these 11 simple tricks will help you get the most out of your holidays. If you want a guaranteed stress reliever, don’t forget to contact Repke Fitness to get in some personal training sessions. You’ll get a phenomenal workout that helps you release some good endorphins as well as help clear your mental state. Have a happy holiday and a very happy new year. Practice those 11 tips and check out the links below to find more ways to help manage and reduce stress.

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