Gym Etiquette

Gym Etiquette

Manners matter everywhere, including, maybe even especially, at the gym. Wherever you are sharing space with others, courtesy is appreciated. When you are sweaty, it is especially important to leave your space as nice or better than you found it. Here are the top five gym etiquette tips.

Wipe down equipment.

Nothing is more gross than stepping onto a damp machine after someone dripping with sweat steps off. Don’t be that guy. As exhausting as a spinning class can be, taking the time to grab paper towels and a spray bottle to wipe down your bike will be greatly appreciated.

Put equipment away

Your mom doesn’t work at the gym. Also, you’re an adult. Put things away so the next person can find what they need. It’s just lazy to leave things laying around. Need extra incentive on top of being kind and responsible? You’ll burn a few more calories if you take the time to put things away.

When you’re done, move on.

One of the worst gym sins is wasting other people’s time. When all of the treadmills are being used, it’s just rude to finish your run and continue talking to your friend on the treadmill next to yours. It’s time to get off, wipe it down, and move on so someone else can get their workout in.

Don’t give unsolicited advice.

Despite what may happen in a romantic comedy film, walking up to someone and offering unsolicited advice is more likely to yield a hateful glare instead of a lifelong love affair. Unless someone asks, do not approach people to correct their form. Do not make suggestions. Mind your business and focus on yourself.

The look on her face says “this is not my trainer.”

Making noises

Okay, so sometimes a lift can be super challenging and will require a little “oof” at the end. But then there are the Monica Seles’ of the world who feel the need to grunt loudly at every turn. If working out at home, obviously you can do whatever you want, but when you’re sharing space with others, it can be alarming to hear someone grunting and moaning during a workout. There may be gym environments where this is acceptable, but in general, channel your inner strength to keep noises to a minimum when challenging your muscular strength with heavy lifts.

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