Women’s Workouts: Decade by Decade

Women’s Workouts: Decade by Decade

Remember being a kid and eating whatever you wanted without worrying about your waistline? You might wake up to a bowl of sugary Froot Loops before heading outside to play. You would head to a birthday party and feast on pizza and ice cream. That night for dinner, mom and dad would implore that you eat your brussel sprouts while you pushed them around your plate, full from the cheesy, carby side dishes that you ate first. As you grew into young adulthood, those junky kid meals turned into cheap appetizers and cocktails at happy hour. Everything was delicious and you looked fabulous. One day, you wake up in your 30s, googling heartburn remedies and wondering why your elastic waisted pajama bottoms are snug. The process of aging is no friend of a healthy figure. It becomes harder and harder to earn and maintain a healthy body, but it is possible and worth the effort.

Once women hit their 30s, they notice that weight doesn’t come off as easily as it may have in their 20s. Metabolism is beginning to slow down. Unfortunately, this period of time is also when women are their busiest, often working on careers, raising young children, or possibly juggling both at the same time. Just when life starts to become crazy busy, metabolism slows down. Finding the time to stay fit and healthy in your thirties is worthwhile as it will set you up for the coming decades. In an article on Oprah.com, trainer Jillian Michaels recommends that women in their 30s work each muscle group with strength training twice a week. “Don’t stick with heavy weights/low reps or low weight/many reps, she says; switch it around to keep your body from getting used to the routine. One day of rest a week is crucial.” Famed Pilates instructor Brooke Siler adds the importance of being aware of your body’s posture. “I’m constantly aware of how I sit and stand and walk down the street. I’m forever pulling in and up. These invisible workouts are really important for a woman in her 30s. It’s how you start preparing your body for what’s to come.”

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Your 40s
When women hit their 40s, metabolism continues to plummet. This means that the body is losing muscle and it’s much easier for fat to stick around. In addition to packing on the pounds, women’s bodies begin to lose strength. Keeping an eye on posture becomes increasingly important during this decade. This slideshow from The Active Times presents some of the best exercises for people in their 40s. From Pilates to Stand Up Paddling, the goal is to increase strength and maintain a tall, proud, strong form.

Your 50s
Once you are in your 50s, it is important to continue with daily exercise. Not only will it help prevent bone loss and weight gain, but exercise will ward off other mobility issues. As the old saying goes, use it or lose it. Find movement that you love. Dancing, walking, and swimming are wonderful ways to have fun while keeping your body moving. Stay strong and balanced with yoga or tai chi. Both exercises will help maintain some of the flexibility that we lose with every trip around the sun. Swimming is an excellent choice of exercise for seniors as it offers a challenging activity with low impact on joints.

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