Go With Your Gut

Go With Your Gut

Everything you need to know about your personal health may be residing in your gut. Researchers have been making exciting discoveries in gut bacteria that may hold the answers to how our bodies process food and the changes individuals need to make to improve their health.

To find out more about the good and bad bacteria residing in your own gut, test kits can be purchased. The company uBiome, for example, offers a kit for $89 that allows you to send a sample (of your poop) to be analyzed. They will analyze the microbes and make recommendations to improve your health.

Annie Gabillet wrote about her experience with uBiome on Pop Sugar’s Fitness site. First Annie explains that the process is not as gross as you’re probably imagining. uBiome requests that you use a q-tip to swab a tiny amount from a piece of soiled toilet paper. You place the q-tip in a container with a liquid provided by the company and send it back.

Annie writes that uBiome studied the following:
• Bodyweight bacteria match: did I have bacteria correlated with weight loss or obesity?
• Probiotics match: did I have bacteria correlated with better mental health and gastrointestinal functions?
• Diversity percentile: how diverse was my microbiome?
• Most uncommon bacteria: what type of rare bacteria did I have?
(from “Pop Sugar Fitness”)
Annie’s analysis taught her that her gut is “dominated by bacteroidetes, which is correlated with weight loss and a lower body weight,” but also that she has a lower percentage of akkermansia which helps combat weight gain and inflammation. uBiome recommended that Annie eat foods like garlic and bananas which are high in oligofructose, which is a type of fiber that would help the growth of akkermansia. Interesting, right?

Her probiotics were studied and Annie learned that her count was low. uBiome suggested that she start eating fermented veggies, kefir, and yogurt with live cultures to help increase probiotics that help the body with things from gastrointestinal issues to anxiety and mental health.

Head to your local Asian market to find some tasty ways to introduce a more diverse probiotic universe to your gut. Kimchi and natto are two examples of probiotic-rich foods that may improve your gut health.

While scientists continue to research their gut-bacteria findings, one truth will remain when it comes to wellness and nutrition. Eating nutritious foods and getting regular exercise will always be of utmost importance. While it may be beneficial to learn as much as you can about your personal gut bacteria, there will never be reputable recommendation to ditch your workout routine. Even uBiome recommends that people do not make health decisions based on the outcome of their analysis. In addition to talking to your doctor, the trainers at Repke Fitness are ready to help you with your fitness goals, including owner Louben Repke who is also a registered nurse. Call today at 410-656-2121.

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