Bullet Journals For Fitness

Bullet Journals For Fitness

Bullet Journals for Fitness

Bullet Journaling has changed my life. As a busy, frazzled, working mom, bullet journaling has given me structure, organization, and motivation like I’ve never experienced in my life. In addition to keeping track of my schedule, bullet journaling is a useful tool for staying on top of meal planning and physical fitness.

What Is A Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journaling was created by Ryder Carroll to stay focused and organized. Read more about bullet journaling here. While this system is organized in a certain way, individuals have been modifying personal journals however needed. There are bullet journal groups on Facebook, boards on Pinterest, and loads of inspiration to be found on Instagram. Some are intimidated by the fancy spreads and artistic prowess featured on these sites, but anyone can maintain a bullet journal. For creative people, taking the time to make intricate designs and beautiful spreads is a rewarding block of time away from the digital world. For others, a simple log is all that is required to stay on task.

Meal Planning

Everyone knows that meal planning is an essential component to staying on track with healthy eating. Planning meals for the week saves time and money. There is no wondering what dinner will be and ultimately wasting money on mediocre take out when there is a plan in place. Once you have plotted out your meals for the week, you can shop for the ingredients you need and know that when you come home from work on Tuesday night, you have everything you need to make a healthy meal. Money is saved when you go to the grocery store with a specific plan in place. If you know you are having salads one night, that head of romaine will be used on Tuesday night instead of tossed in the trash in three weeks because you forgot about it. Using a bullet journal, you can incorporate meal plans so that your shopping list and plan for the evening are always on hand. Keeping the meal plan in the same place as your calendar is helpful because you can prepare for a quick and easy meal on busy nights. Head over to this blog post from a BuJo pro to see 7 Meal Plan Bullet Journal Layouts. I like the idea of doing monthly planning, including four weekly shopping lists, so that I don’t have to spend too much time on a weekly basis. Find the method that works best for you!

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Bullet Journals are a great place to keep track of all things from exercise, weight loss/gains, and time. I went old school with my fitness tracker. Years ago, I would put a star sticker on the days that I exercised. It would please me to see the calendar shine with a constellation of gold, glittery stars by the end of the month. My personal fitness tracker in my bullet journal is simply a monthly spread with room for a sticker. You can find a pack of cheap star stickers or add personality with custom stickers or stamps. These workout stickers from Planner Envy on Etsy allow you to fill in what you did every day.

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You can track non-scale victories such as glasses or ounces of water per day, meeting a step goal, getting enough sleep each night. For those who are motivated by rewards, a tracker allows you to see your progress towards a goal, all with the prize for completion in mind. If weight loss is your goal, you can reward yourself with a new pair of jeans once you have lost 10 pounds. If drinking enough water daily is your goal, you can reward yourself with a cool new water bottle after making a month of proving that drinking water is a new habit of yours.

Staying organized with a bullet journal helps to weed out unnecessary tasks, track how you spend your time, and prioritize your to-do list. Bullet journaling seems tricky at first, but once people get the hang of it, they find that their lives are easier to manage. They are gifted with time.

Use that extra time to schedule a session at Repke Fitness where the trainers will help you incorporate an efficient workout into your busy life. Making time for fitness is not only good for your body. Your mind will be more clear and your soul will be more satisfied if you take the time to take care of yourself. Carve out the time and watch the rest of your schedule unfold into a productive and satisfying life.

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