Best Fitness Apps: Runtastic Story Running

Best Fitness Apps: Runtastic Story Running

When you’re on your own for a workout, it’s nice to listen to an energizing playlist, but sometimes even your favorite songs get a little tired. What if you could listen to something a little different to keep you going? The Story Running feature on the Runtastic app is an incredibly fun way to stay engaged and motivated.

Watch the video to see what Story Running is all about.

Featuring dramatic music to go along with the narration, you are motivated by the plot lines instead of the data on your treadmill screen. Imagine running because you are being chased! There are sci-fi stories like the one in the video, but there are other genres such as travel stories which transport you to other cities or countries. One such story titled, “Moments of Bliss” is summarized on the Runtastic app website: Walking down memory lane while enjoying multifaceted Austria – these are moments of bliss. Through the city center of Vienna to a beautiful lake in Carinthia, followed by an impressive valley in Tyrol: Head out for a relaxed run surrounded by nature, far from the hustle & bustle of everyday life.

I participated in a 5 mile run in Boston several years ago. It was delightful to take in this city while getting a workout in. I would love to explore other regions through descriptive language and my imagination. Of course, I would prefer to actually travel to Vienna, but if a writer can create a compelling and visually descriptive story that will inspire me to keep running, I will listen.

Fitness apps are great tools to supplement visits with your personal trainers at Repke Fitness. Have fun with fitness on your own time and let your trainers help you improve your performance, form, or whatever goal you are working on.

Is Story Running a feature that you would try on the Runtastic app? If you have used it before, which story kept you going?

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