The Unsweetened Truth About Sugar

The Unsweetened Truth About Sugar

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In the New York Times article, How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat, Anahad O’Connor writes about how several decades of research that has led to current diet recommendations, may have been influenced by the sugar industry. After receiving a substantial payment, three Harvard Scientists conducted studies cherry picked by the Sugar Research Foundation, now known as the Sugar Association. The results of these studies were published in renowned medical journals, “minimize[ing] the link between sugar and heart health and cast[ing] aspersions on the role of saturated fat.”

This news is incriminating for the often vilified ingredient that has found itself in so many products on grocery shelves. Some already fear that sugar is addictive and the true culprit behind weight gain, diabetes, and other debilitating illnesses. For years after these studies were conducted, fat-fearing consumers started buying low-fat items that were filled with added sugar to make the foods palatable. According to the NYT article, diet experts blame such foods as the crux of the national obesity crisis. Avoiding refined carbohydrates, sweetened beverages, and other foods with added sugar, has been shown in more recent studies to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Don’t Fear The Fat

Have you ever indulged in a sweet treat only to find yourself craving more just a little while later? There is no doubt that sugary foods are simply empty calories, and seem to be awfully addictive. Anyone who has cut added sugar from their diet will testify that their cravings for sugar eventually disappear. What is the key to staying satisfied? Protein and fat. Of course, it matters what kind of fat you are consuming, but fat keeps you feeling full and satiated. Avocado, nuts, a sensible serving of cheese, will all give you a sense of fulfillment that will never come from the empty calories of a low-fat bar filled with sugar.

Adding olive oil to a salad will make that salad taste decadent, but be careful to measure the amount. Two tablespoons of olive oil pour quickly out of that bottle and it’s easy to overdo it if you are eyeballing the amount.


Answer the following questions in the comments section:

1. How do you feel about learning that the sugar industry tampered with research?

2. Do you monitor or limit your sugar intake? If so, have you noticed a difference in cravings or any other changes?

3. Do you believe that sugar is an addictive substance?

While the trainers at Repke Fitness do not believe in fad diets, they do believe in practicing moderation. Treats can be enjoyed on occasions, as long as your diet is well-balanced most of the time. For some, however, one indulgence can lead to a slippery sugary slope. If giving up sugar is hard for you, it’s time to decide if it’s worth the struggle to give it up again, or give it up for good. In addition to helping you achieve your ideal weight, lessening your sugar intake will lower your risk for major health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Repke Fitness has the best personal trainers in the Severna Park area to help you get to your goals. They’ll guide you towards eating healthier, exercising regularly and obtaining a healthy lifestyle. Give them a call today – you’ll get great support and accountability!

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