Five Healthy Habits At Work

Five Healthy Habits At Work

Happy Monday, fitness fanatics. After a nice weekend of living at your own pace, it’s time to clock in and park your rear for 8 or more hours. You’ve probably read the articles about how awful it is that we sit all day at work, but what can you do about it? Some offices may be open to treadmill desks or walking meetings, but such accommodations are not always possible. Maybe you have an appointment with one of the trainers at Repke Fitness after work, which is fantastic, but there are things you can do on the job, no matter where you work, to propel your fitness even farther.

Drink water.

I mention this tip often, but hydration is no joke. Staying hydrated offers so many benefits, but when it comes to fitness, drinking plenty of water helps prevent mindless snacking and boosts your immune system.

Keep hand sanitizer on your desk.

It can be hard to avoid every illness when you are spending time in close quarters with coworkers, but the power of prevention is in your hands. Keep your desk and hands clean and avoid touching your face. Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer on your desk. Getting sick is bound to happen sometimes, but it is frustrating when you have to skip workouts – especially once you are in a good groove.

Take a walk after lunch.

Studies show that taking a fifteen minute walk after a meal helps with digestion and regulating blood sugar. Bonus? You won’t have a post-lunch slump. In addition to getting your blood flowing, a good dose of fresh air and sun-sent Vitamin D will help keep the common afternoon slump at bay.

Keep healthy snacks at the office.

Rather than wasting a buck in the vending machine for a sugar bomb or chips, stock your desk or company fridge with healthy snacks. Be sure to label them so the snack thief doesn’t enjoy your thoughtfully prepared snacks! Hummus with fresh veggies, fruit with peanut butter, or pre-portioned nuts will keep you feeling satisfied without ruining your healthy eating plan.

Fit movement in wherever you can.

I set a timer to go off every 30 minutes so that I am reminded to do something to take care of myself. This may include bathroom breaks or preparing a snack, but if I’m more pressed for time, I might just take a quick walk around the office or stand up and stretch by my desk. When I take phone calls, I fit in a set of squats. Every movement counts and stimulates your drive to do more.

There is no better end to the work day then a good, sweaty workout. Visit Repke Fitness. We’re the best personal trainers in Odenton and Severna Park area and your trainers will give you more ideas to stay healthy every day. They have personal training appointments available for both before and after work. Repke says, “the best time to workout is when you’ll actually do it.” So if you are not someone who enjoys exercising in the evening then do it in the morning and vice versa. Their hours are 6:00am – 9:00pm M-F and 6:00am – 2:00pm on Saturdays.

Give them a call today to schedule your FREE initial training session 410-656-2121.

Below are some links to exercises that you can do while at work, check them out if you have some time. Some might be silly, skip those. haha.


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