Equipment Free Exercise

Equipment Free Exercise

What do you do when you can’t make it to your personal trainer, your elliptical trainer in the basement is broken, or you’re away from home and all of your fitness equipment? Luckily, humans are adaptable and we can improvise.


If you are stuck at home or after hours in the office, technology can assist you in getting your workout in. Find a HIIT routine- on YouTube or find an infographic from Pinterest like this:

When you miss a day at the gym because you’re stuck at home with the kids, go for a walk or a run. There is nothing simpler than lacing up your shoes and heading outside for a jaunt around your neighborhood. For a change of scenery, visit the dozens of trails in Anne Arundel County. If you happen upon a playground while you are out, use the monkey bars for pull ups and the swings for ab work. Find more ideas for playground workouts here.

Since most of us carry our phones everywhere we go, there’s never an excuse to not fit a workout in. There is the possibility that you can’t get sweaty and gross in the time that you have available to squeeze in some movement. For those times, get your mind, body, and spirit centered with one of these yoga apps.

Make movement a priority every day. Just as most of us make sure to eat our three meals each day, we must incorporate movement into our daily lives. It’s not always possible to get to the trainer or do your planned workout, but there is always a way to add in some activity.

Are you ready to take your movement to the next level? Call Repke Fitness for a consultation and get moving!

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