When Friends and Food Go Hand in Hand

When Friends and Food Go Hand in Hand

Sometimes eating well can feel like a drag. Your friends invite you out, but you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re asked to share a plate of cheese fries and a pitcher of beer when you are trying to eat clean. Do you give up your social life or find a way to make it work? At Repke Fitness, the premier personal training studio in Millersville area, we believe that it’s possible to keep your friends and stick to your healthy eating plan.

Tell Your Friends

Your friends like you. If you let them know that you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, they will probably support your decision and choose restaurants with healthy choices, or social activities outside of bars and restaurants. You can catch up just as easily on a hike in the woods as you could over caloric appetizers and too much wine. Friends and family should be a good source of support. So, let your friends know when you are working out and looking to better yourself. Naturally, when your friends and others know what your goals are – they’ll likely choose places that you can also stick to your goals.

Choose Restaurants Carefully

If you are going to a pizza joint, chances are there will not be a lot of choices for you. Suggest restaurants with a decent variety of healthy options. Always check out the menu before you go. If you discover that the restaurant has limited options, you can pregame with a pack of nuts or an apple and peanut butter for some filling fiber and protein before you go. This way, your bestie’s milkshake might seem less appealing.

Be Mindful of Your Goals

Do you have a mantra? Mantra bands are popular bracelets that remind you of your goals whenever your wrist comes into view. Imagine reading a menu with the words, “I Can And I Will” glimmering beside your list of choices. Mantra bands or some sort of tangible reminder of your strength will help remind you of your goals and your ability to see them through.

Host A Healthy Party

Invite your friends to your house instead of going out. If you are in control of the menu and the ingredients, you will have the power to stay on plan while amazing your friends with how delicious a healthy eating plan can be. You may even inspire them to eat healthier when they sample a delectable taco station filled with lean protein and fresh veggies. A dessert bar with full fat yogurt, (which usually does not have the added sugar of reduced fat varieties) berries, and nuts will prove that eating clean can be satisfying and enjoyable.

There is no need to give up on socializing, even if your friends are known foodies. Once you make your intentions clear and offer alternatives that please the whole party, there is no need to abandon your food plan either.

Choose Supportive Friends

I’m sure you have heard the saying, “bad company corrupts good morals.” Same thing goes for getting in shape and eating healthier. All of your friends don’t need to be Gung Ho about health and fitness like you are. However, it’s important to hang out with your more supportive friends, especially at places where you’ll be tempted. If you only hang out with your friends who want to only drink and eat unhealthier foods then soon or later they’ll drag you down that path. So hang out with those friends when you also have someone else in the group with similar goals like yourself. The other option is to hang out with those friends where you get to choose the setting/environment. It’s easier to do better when you are are in control (which is why the host a party section above is a great idea).


Getting healthier and maintaining a healthy exercise and eating habit is no easy task. At very event that we have in this country, we’re constantly surrounded by food. Typically, it’s the most unhealthy foods. So it’s important for you to try to find a balance. A balance where you can hang out with friends, family, eat at various restaurants, while still being mindful of your goals. A balance where you can still enjoy yourself at those events, without stressing too much. At Repke Fitness, we believe that moderation is the key. It’s okay to sample various foods, just make sure that you are in control. Watch your portion sizes, make sure that you are not just mindlessly eating and drink plenty of water while you eat. We want you to enjoy yourself but just be mindful and in control.

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