Weight Loss For Pets – Signup Today Only!

Weight Loss For Pets – Signup Today Only!

When it comes to getting people in shape, Repke Fitness is the leading personal fitness training studio in the Severna Park, Pasadena and Millersville area. Throughout our history, we’ve helped a countless number of clients lose a lot of weight, get stronger and improve their overall health. Today though, due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) we have decided to only train pets at our personal training studio. We will no long be training people during this crisis but bring your pets and we’ll whip them into shape.

Why pets? As of right now, studies show that pets are not able to get Covid-19 and you are able to take your pets wherever they need to go. So, bring them to Repke Fitness so we can help boost their confidence, get them stronger and help them look good naked. All pets are welcome but they must be potty trained. Pets that are not potty trained must wear a diaper. There is a $80 pet accidental pooping fee that’s fully refundable if no accidents happens.

We have already helped several pets lose weight with our pet fitness program (see transformations below). Our program is pretty straightforward; it consists of 30 minutes of personal training for your dog, cat or other overweight/out of shape pet. We’ll also include a free nutritional program for the pets to follow. We’ll be partnering with CHEWY to deliver the foods that your pets are allowed to eat. Pets are required to work out with our trainers twice a week and stick to their nutritional program with the help of their owner. The owner must hold their dogs, cats and other pets accountable. Similar to humans, pets are likely to want to give-up, cheat and not workout on some days. This is where you – the owner – needs to step in and do what’s best for your pet. See our pet transformations photos below and all of their hard-work.

At first, Chance was a pretty tough dog to train and work with. When he first came to Repke Fitness, he was disobedient. However, overtime Chance got comfortable with the staff and started doing the right things. Chance worked out with us twice a week and has stuck to his CHEWY nutrition program. Chance only lost a half-pound during the first week of training, but after the governor of Maryland ordered all non-essential businesses to close down, Chance stepped it up big time because his owner had plenty of time to take him on 2 long walks per day. Once chance started doing those extra walks and eating right the weight just fell off. Chance has met his fitness goals and is currently doing our at home fitness program. Way to go Champ… I mean Chance!

Chance shares his home with Shadow – an older and wiser dog. Shadow wasn’t as active prior to training at Repke Fitness. He used to whine a lot and use the excuse, “Oh, I’m too old to lose weight.” You know, the same excuse that our human clients give us at Repke Fitness. We’re happy to say that Shadow has lost 7 pounds and has more energy than he’s ever had in the last 21 dog years (3 human years).

Sassy got her name because her owner said, “When I first got her all she wanted to do was eat bread and desserts and just get all fat and sassy.” Sassy is definitely a diva! She hated to exercise because she didn’t like to sweat. She eventually grew out of that phase and by the time Sassy finished her workout program at Repke Fitness, she could do 50 cat-jacks, and 100 meter cat crawl without taking a break.

We’re happy to say this program will be super affordable to all pet owners. The entire 12 week program is only is $3,000 – this is the only program that has a no refund policy. You can’t put a price on your pet’s health, right? They’re like family, so be ready to shell out that money.

APRIL FOOLS, 2020!!!      P.S. Hope that you enjoyed our April Fool’s joke. We just wanted to lighten the mood during this Covid-19 disaster. Remember, wash your hands, stay at home as much as possible and practice social distancing. Please keep your pets at home, this is a joke, haha.


Now, if you are a human and want to get in better shape, we do offer an at home workout program that you can do during this shutdown. You don’t need to have any exercise equipment. Give us a call to get started and stay active during this crisis at 410-656-2121 or contact us.

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