Repke Fitness Personal Training client of the week

Repke Fitness Personal Training client of the week

Introduction: This week’s feature client is Stephanie. Stephanie is an extremely hard working client who we enjoyed training very much. She has introduced us to some really good reggae music.

About Stephanie…

My name is Stephanie; I am 42-years-old and a United States Coast Guard veteran. Originally from Indiana, work – post-military life – brought me to Maryland. I am married with one child.

Why did you start training at Repke Fitness or what made you choose Repke Fitness Personal Training?

I started to train at Repke Fitness because after years of trying to workout on my own, with no discipline in my eating habits, I knew I needed an extra push to keep me focused. I spent about 4 years at a franchise gym in Pasadena, MD and worked out with a personal trainer there but saw little to no results. At the commercial gym, I felt like a number – not important to them, but just a paying customer. I wasn’t held accountable for my nutrition at this gym, and they didn’t push me to stay on track with my goals. My training sessions were only 30-minutes and many times, I felt the trainers did not have a plan before I had arrived; a lot of time was spent walking around until they decided on a what machine to use. However, at Repke Fitness Personal Training, I was cared for and got the attention that I wanted. Most importantly I got results!

When did you start training at Repke Fitness?

I started my personal training program at Repke Fitness in October 2015. I wanted a personal training studio that was close to Millersville, Pasadena or Severna Park.

What has personal training allowed you to do OR what fitness goals have you accomplished?

Personal training has allowed me to become physically stronger, which in turn has allowed me to become mentally stronger. Repke Fitness offers clients free nutritional guidance, so I had to log my food intake. I was held accountable too; the personal trainers checked (and still check) my food logs regularly through a fitness app. Personal training at Repke Fitness has helped me lose 47 pounds. I’m much stronger and have much more stamina – so much so, that I decided to start training for my first Sprint Triathlon, which is in August 2017. I feel confident that I can accomplish this goal, along with many others. In October 2016, I ran my first official 5k with Repke Fitness and finished with a personal record time. I also plan on participating in some Spartan Races this upcoming summer.

What do you like best about Repke Fitness Personal Training?

What I like most about Repke Fitness is that they push you hard – even when you think you can’t do something, they know you can. The trainers don’t push you beyond your limits, but they seem to know exactly where your limits lie. I also like the fact that they held me accountable for my nutrition – something other personal trainers just assume you’re doing correctly. Some people like myself need that extra push – the extra watchful eye to move us in the direction we need. Lastly, I like that the trainers truly care about their clients. The Repke Fitness personal trainers are like an extension of family; they ask clients about their day, week, etc, and by learning more about their clients, they are able to focus on what we need as a whole.

What’s your favorite exercise?

Boxing! I love boxing – strength, endurance and aerobic exercise all at once. How could you not love it?

What’s your least favorite exercise?

Planks or anything that resembles planks… such as BURPEES![Side note from personal trainer Louben Repke: The Repke Fitness personal trainers sometimes rename the burpee or modify it in a way so that it doesn’t look like a burpee just to trick Stephanie, haha.

Did you have injuries or limitations prior to working out with Repke Fitness and were the trainers able to work around those injuries/limitations?

Prior to working out at Repke Fitness, I had an injury to my foot that I was hoping would get better. A few months into my training sessions at Repke Fitness (December 2015), I had surgery (unrelated to the foot) and was out for 6 weeks. Repke Fitness still checked-in on me and made sure I was working on my nutrition during this time. Then in March 2016, I had an extensive surgery on my foot. The trainers were still able to train me – my workouts focused on primarily upper body and abs during the healing process. Prior to surgery, however, Repke Fitness made sure that my workouts were not causing additional pain or injury – they were able to work around it. It’s one of the reasons why I love Repke Fitness’ personal training; they can give you a great workout no matter your physical limitations.

What’s your favorite phrase to use with your trainer?

I’m not sure I have one – I am usually too busy trying to breathe and focus on the tasks Sara gives me. However, when we started working on my endurance, a lot of my exercises were timed and Sara would ask, “Ready?” My answer was always “no,”… but we would just laugh and I would start.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your Repke Fitness personal training experience?

I no longer train with Repke Fitness, but wish I still could. I am actually in the process of moving to the Virginia Beach area to be near family. Even though I no longer train with them, they still check my nutrition logs and inspire and push me to continue with my overall health. If I could pick up and move Repke Fitness to Virginia, I would do it, but all of their other wonderful trainees would miss them dearly. I am hoping to find a trainer with similar training aspects as Repke Fitness to continue with my goals. However, if I can’t, they have provided me with the knowledge, motivation, focus and ability to continue on my own. Also, for the first time in my life, I felt comfortable enough to wear a bikini on a beach vacation. Never did I have the confidence until I started going to Repke Fitness to wear a bikini… a string bikini at that!

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