Remember That Resolution?

Remember That Resolution?

Most people feel committed to their healthy resolutions during the first week of January. After a month of feasting on holiday treats and hopefully at least a few days of vacation, we feel ready to smash those goals. We head back to work and find that it’s difficult getting back to our normal routine, let alone adding the extra tasks involved in keeping your resolutions. It’s the end of the month. How strong is your commitment now? How do you keep your resolutions?

One benefit of having a personal trainer is having someone to remind you of your resolve. Finding the motivation to workout can be tough, but this article shares some great tips that Louben and more than 100 fitness trainers have shared. Another great post that we love can be found here there you can find everything that you need to help you accomplish your fitness resolution., has everything from weekly interval training program, helpful tips, as well as sample meal plans to make it easier for you to succeed.

If Louben is your trainer, you are familiar with his number one recommended accountability tool, My Fitness Pal. Louben asks his clients to sign on and add him as an accountability partner. Since Louben is a trained nurse and personal trainer, he can look at your diet and tell you if there are tweaks you can make to help you stay satiated and properly nourished while slimming down. Here, on the site Thinking Outside The Pot, Louben is one of dozens of trainers explaining how important diet is for those in need of motivation for weight loss:

“My fitness motivation if you are looking to lose weight this year, is to make a commitment to changing your bad eating habits. The best way to do that is by tracking your food and being aware of the damage that you are doing daily. A great and free app that I recommend to all my clients is My Fitness Pal. Download it and use it every day to track your food. If you do that and record accurately, daily, you will be successful!

Don’t fall off track just because you had a bad eating day or even week. Record your food and learn from that bad day or week. Also, do not stop recording and then start putting weight on. Keep track of your food to stay aware of the damages that you are doing daily. Never stop doing what is working. Stay committed to it!

As a nurse and personal trainer, I have a lot of patients and clients who tell me all the time, “I work out all the time but I’m not losing weight.” The biggest thing that will contribute to your weight loss is what you eat, not how many hours you spend at the gym. Most people overestimate how many calories they burn during exercise and underestimate how many calories they are eating. Walking a mile at a moderate pace burns roughly 70 calories. Now how many foods only have 70 calories? The biggest difference will be made in your eating, so focus on eating better. Being active is important, but put an even bigger importance on good eating habits.”

For more tips on staying motivated, visit Diet 234 for a roundup of personal trainer’s advice. Also you can check out Anytime Fitness’ Blog for some great at home exercises.

If you have resolved to lose your extra weight in 2017, call Repke Fitness Personal Training today – 410-656-2121. Louben and his team of trainers are ready to help you shed extra pounds, tighten and tone your muscles, and feel confident in your leaner, healthier body. We’re also a perfect location for clients looking for personal training in Odenton.

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