Fitness During Sickness

Fitness During Sickness

One of the challenges of staying on track with a fitness routine is not falling off of the wagon during and after an illness. Spending a lot of time in close quarters with coworkers and families during winter puts everyone at risk for coming down with some kind of bug. They’ve been brutal this year. It seems this is the year of stomach bugs that are fast but furious and bronchitis that leaves us with coughs that linger for weeks on end.


Preventing a cold is obviously best. If it is possible, stay home when you’re not feeling well. Going to work will increase the chances of spreading your illness to the entire team. While this tip doesn’t spare you from your illness, keeping your germs contained helps prevent the spread of your bug. If work cannot be missed, make sure to wash and sanitize hands frequently. Finally, keep your hands away from your face. The simple act of scratching your nose or rubbing your eyes is enough to transmit viral particles.


The stomach bug is typically brutal, but mercifully quick to get over. If you come down with the stomach bug, be sure to stay hydrated and introduce foods slowly until you know your body won’t reject them anymore. You can find some remedies here

Staying hydrated is key with the common cold as well. You can still enjoy a light workout if you feel like you are a little under the weather. In fact, a workout may even help break up congestion and give you an energy boost. Skip group workouts and do something on your own to help prevent spreading the virus.

When a fever hits or you develop a relentless cough, it is best to take it easy and let your body heal through rest. Drink a lot of soothing warm beverages like tea with honey, use a humidifier, and take a steamy shower to relieve your congestion. When you are ready to eat, choose healthy foods over convenient foods. Your body will recover more quickly with proper nutrition.

Back To Work

Once your symptoms subside, let your personal trainer know that you’re ready for a gentle workout to get back into the groove. Communicate with each other so that they know when you have had enough or are ready for more.

The best personal trainers in the Severna Park area are not only qualified to give you a great workout, but they are educated in the medical field as well. Louben Repke has a background in nursing and will let you know if you need to slow down or pick up the pace. 

Stay healthy this winter so you can stay on track with your fitness goals. Call Repke Fitness today to schedule your FREE initial personal training consultation, unless you’re under the weather. If you’re sick, get some rest and call tomorrow when you’re feeling a little better.

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