Personal Trainer or Gym Membership?

Personal Trainer or Gym Membership?

Happy New Year! It’s officially that time of year when everyone is evaluating lives, goals, and resolutions. For a lot of people, getting healthy is top of the priority list. If you are considering hiring a personal trainer or joining a gym, here are some things to consider…

How many people do you know belong to a gym? How many of those people go to the gym? That second number is certainly a lot lower than the first. (This article features reasons why people sign up for memberships and rarely attend the gym.) People often pay their dues, but do not necessarily attend enough to make the membership worthwhile. Why pay for a gym to maintain their equipment if you aren’t the one using it?

Hiring a personal fitness trainer is like paying for accountability. If you hire a fitness trainer at Repke Fitness (Millersville), your trainer will be at the studio waiting for you. You are a lot less likely to skip a personal training session than a group fitness class where no one will realize that you are missing. You aren’t investing in new spin bikes that you will never sit in. You are investing in your body and health when you hire an exercise personal trainer.

A good certified personal trainer will not only hold you accountable, but they will welcome you, engage with you personally, tailor a plan to fit your specific needs, and encourage you.

People who do use their gyms on a regular basis are not going to be as welcoming as your certified personal trainer. I’m sure you’ve seen your super fit friends moaning on Facebook or elsewhere. “Ugh, the gym is going to be so crowded. Gah, these people who aren’t serious about sticking with fitness should just save their time so I am not inconvenienced!”

A good certified personal trainer will never tell you to stop trying. A great personal trainer understands that different people are motivated by different things. The best certified personal trainer in the Severna Park/Millersville area, Louben Repke, wants you to come to the studio and crush your goals. You will never hear a loud sigh of contempt at Repke Fitness. You will never see an eye-roll of disapproval when you are learning how to use equipment that is new to you.

If you live in Anne Arundel County and you are deciding between hiring a personal trainer or joining a gym, do yourself a favor and schedule a free training/consultation with Repke Fitness. We’re a prime location for clients looking for personal trainers in Pasadena MD. This CAN be the year that you reach your fitness goals. The trainers at Repke Fitness are ready to motivate and challenge you as you work towards your goal, and celebrate with you when you have achieved it. Even better, they will still be there as you navigate the art of maintaining your newfound fitness. Give them a all today 410-656-2121.


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