Top Personal Trainers In Severna Park, Maryland

Top Personal Trainers In Severna Park, Maryland

If you are looking for a personal trainer in the Severna Park, Maryland area, here is a list of the top 10 personal fitness trainers within a 10 mile radius of Severna Park, 21146. This list is from IdeaFit, one of the major leaders in the health and wellness field. You’ll find Repke Fitness’ trainers in the top 5 in the area. There is a reason they’ve been voted the BEST personal training studio in the Severna Park area. This video shows the results that you can achieve in 2017, if you stick with your program. Check out these amazing results!

We don’t offer group classes where you just get lost in the pack. We give you the attention and tools that you need to be successful. Check out this video to see our clients’ transformations!Repke YouTube Channel (click and subscribe for more videos!)

Your personal trainer at Repke Fitness will create a plan that aligns with your specific needs and goals. Let’s say your 2017 resolution is to run a 10k. While you will have to schedule your long runs on your own time, your personal trainer can make sure you are doing the proper exercises to save yourself from common running injuries. Watching your form for safety and efficiency while designing a plan that will help you reach your goals is what Repke Fitness trainers do.

If you are training for a run, your trainer may implement a program of exercises specifically tailored to strengthen your legs, tighten your core, prevent injuries, and keep your body balanced.

Best Supplemental Exercises For Runners

1. Planks.

Strengthen your core, shoulders, and lower back with this efficient exercise. A strong core will keep your body balanced and prevent injuries on long runs.

(Runners World)

2. Yoga.

According to certified running coach and yoga teacher Ashlee Willaman, “Yoga does a great job of pointing out imbalances that can indicate injury is not far away […] I have a lot of students who complain of knee pain, but through the course of a class we’re able to figure out that the pain is coming from tightness or an imbalance in the hip.” (source:

Women’s Running offers a yoga sequence for runners that will help build strength in supporting muscle groups. Your personal trainer can implement these moves into your program with the benefit of offering guidance and preventing injury.

3. Deadlifts.

Working on your quads and glutes will give your body the strength you need to cross the finish line. Runner Joe Uhan describes the runner’s deadlift on He offers great detail about form and how this exercise helps a runner. Your trainers at Repke Fitness will offer this knowledge on form, function with insight into your individual plan.

Repke Fitness is the place to workout for results. Our trainers are ready to help you reach all of your fitness related goals. Located in Millersville, Maryland, Repke Fitness is convenient to Severn, Severna Park, Pasadena, Annapolis, and surrounding areas. We’re also a great location for clients looking for personal trainers in Glen Burnie. Call today to schedule your consultation. 410-656-2121.

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