But What If I Want To Gain Weight

But What If I Want To Gain Weight

But What If I Want To Gain Weight?

While our country is in the midst of an obesity crisis, many fitness-related articles and blog posts focus on the struggle of weight loss, but plenty of men and women seek the help of a “personal trainer” for the opposite challenge of gaining weight. For some, being underweight isn’t a health concern, but they would feel more confident with a buffer body. For others, there is a need to pack on healthy pounds and it is as much of a struggle as losing excess weight is for people who are obese. “Personal trainers” are not only around for people who want to lose weight. They can guide you to your ideal body no matter what your goals are. Here are some suggestions if you’re ready to get pumped up.

If you are underweight, the first thing you should do is have a physical at your doctor’s office. Rule out any potentially harmful conditions that can cause your body to keep weight off. Conditions like celiac and diabetes can cause people to stay underweight, but can possibly be managed with proper nutrition. Thyroid problems, cancer, and infections can also keep weight off, and obviously need to be treated properly with a physician. There is also the possibility that a perfectly healthy person just cannot keep the weight on, but it’s best to rule out any dangerous conditions before starting a new fitness regimen.

Some may think that an underweight person can just eat high calorie foods, but doing so is still going to wreak havoc with health. Just as a person can carry some extra weight but have excellent blood work, an underweight person is not immune to the effects of malnourishment or excessive sugar, sodium, or cholesterol. To gain weight, one must consume about 300-500 more calories than they are burning, but those calories should come from healthy foods. Protein allows the body to gain muscle instead of just fat. Adding protein sources like lean meat, fish, eggs, and dairy will provide the body with the building blocks to a more muscular physique. Balancing that protein with high complex carbohydrates and healthy fats will fuel the body properly and healthily.

Strength training is a key component to gaining healthy weight. Lifting heavy weights allows the muscles to strengthen and grow. Avoid a lot of cardiovascular exercise as that will only serve to
burn the excess calories being consumed. Create a strength routine with your personal trainer who will help you realize when it is time to add more weight and push harder.

Finally, get enough sleep! Sleep is crucial for the health of all humans, but if you are trying to gain weight, sleep allows for muscle growth. Additionally, you will have the strength to put your all into the next day’s workout after a good night of rest.

If you are ready to change your body for the better, feel confident and strong, and live your healthiest life, it’s time to call Repke Fitness for your first consultation. Louben and his team will assess your needs and provide you with knowledge and support until your goals are met. Call Repke Fitness in Millersville, Maryland at 410-656-2121 to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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